January 7: Wade Robinson

It was getting Down to the last couple days in the iowa late muzzle loader season, i had the PSE in hand and wasnt giving up till the last day. Mark had been seeing this short G3 8pt almost every time he sat in this particular spot, i had the perfect wind this evening but no camera man because Mark was at the ATA show in Nashville. Luckily enough i had my girlfriend Kyle Soper up viviting and she was all about comming out and filming me! Her first question was "do u have a heater" i told her i did and we were on our way. It was 2:00 and 22degrees when we got out of the truck with the north east wind in our faces.

We got up to the blind and Kyle sat down and fired up the Little buddy heater. About an hour in to the hunt the first couple doe feed out on to the field as i was filming the does Kyle was sitting by the heater. Just miniutes later a 4.5yr old 9pt walks out so i told her and she jumps up and looks through the Nikon binoculars and the nerves began for both of us. The Kyle whispers "there's another buck behind that 9pt" and looked through the view finder on the camera and told her thats the buck were after, the "short G3 8"! She then takes the camera from me and starts filming him waltzing in from 250 yards to 90 yards. This is when the intensity level rose! He stands at 90yards for about 45 mins we were starting to loose light and then all of a sudden the 9point turned our way and was walking right at us, then seconds later the short g3 8 throws his head up and follows.

The windows starting to fog and hes with in 60 yards. All he needs to do is come 20 more and as soon as i said that here he comes. We drop the window and i ask Kyle if she was on him she replys with a yes and i rang him one last time.. 43 yards. I come to full draw with the DNA. All of a sudden he quarters to us and i have to let down. He then takes another step and i pull back, again asking Kyle if shes got him she replys again with a "yes, im on him" i line the IQ sight up and touch the Tru Fire release off! The nockturnal zips right through his lungs and he bolts just as he exits the field he starts to stagger and then crashes! She backs the camera out and comes to me and then high fives and memories began! Her first Time ever filming was a success! And i couldent have been more happy to have her with me enjoying the great sport with me!

Wade Robinson