January 24: Jeff Lindsey

Tis’ the season for one of our favorite hunts of the year. We loaded up the truck and headed down to the deep South at Tara Wildlife. We have made lifetime friends down there, been blessed by Catch-A-Dream recipients, ate like kings and have had some great hunts.

This year proved to be no different, we arrived at Tara to realize we had drawn head guide, Bobby Culbertson, the finest guide the whitetail world has to offer and a true Mississippi legend. We knew we would be into the deer but the first goal was to make sure, Brandon, this year’s Catch-A-Dream hunter got his buck. The weather was cold and getting colder, but the young man came to play and within an hour into the hunt had a 8 year old Mississippi stud on the ground.

Now it was my turn, with my Dad behind the camera, we hunted for 3 days in weather that would’ve been cold for the Midwest, however it had the southern deer tucked in their beds and they just weren’t walking. Saturday the sun was shining bright, the sky was clear and warmer weather had arrived. We went to the edge of a funnel between two ponds leading up to a winter wheat field that had been holding a few deer. After seeing some does and a couple smaller bucks moving through earlier, the sun had set and we were getting close to running out of camera light. But then, my Dad caught a glimpse of a doe in the thicket ahead and after some glassing through my Nikons I noticed a tall racked, white horn buck headed our way. The doe walked by at 39 yards and this big Mississippi buck was about a minute behind her. I drew as he stepped in our shooting lane, stopped him with a grunt and a well placed arrow ended our hunt. It was a very sweet feeling and for the last time this season, I let my bow down out of the tree and thanked God for allowing us to experience another fun, successful year. Bobby arrived to pick us up and I pointed at the red Nockturnal lighting up the Mississippi river bottom and we shared some much deserved high fives. Another great hunt with the fine folks at Tara Wildlife and a successful week all the way around.

Unitl next year,