Well this hunt was born over a year ago when Dave and I bow hunted free range Axis deer with Mike Stroff SOE Hunts. Not only did we have a very successful hunt that was featured on PSE and Drury Outdoors Bow Madness, but we also made some great friends with Mike and his crew at the ranch. So with that we decided to plan a spring turkey hunt for this year in March. So fast forward to this past weekend and Dave and I were on our way to the ranch along with good friends Curt, Scott, and Lindsey.

The drive up to Sonora from San Antonio is a very scenic drive and along the way we saw lots of critters that had us even more excited about our hunt. One of the many great things about hunting with Mike is that you can hunt turkeys, hogs, and free ranging exotics (Axis deer and black buck antelope). So Dave was planning to hunt turkey and axis deer and I was going to focus only on turkeys, as I am going to be back to hunt with Mike in June for Axis deer with my bow and I am bringing good friend Blake Shelby, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at PSE. Well before I get too far ahead of myself this is how our hunt unfolded.

Morning one the weather was perfect and we were right into the turkeys. Everyone should be able to experience how awesome it is to have a bunch of longbeard Rios tearing it up on the limb with jakes and hens chiming in. We had set our trap with the Flambeau flocked King Strut and I was calling on my MAD Billy Yargus Cut-n-Touch mouth call and my MAD Super Aluminator and let’s just say I had the attention of several longbeards. To make a long story short I was able to take two great Rios with my PSE DNA and Rage X-treme broadheads. You’ll have to tune into Bow Madness summer of 2015 to see exactly what happened on my hunts. I also helped/filmed good buddy Curt Richey spot a stalk a great black buck with his trusty TC Encore 6.8mm and Nikon scope. My buddy Scott Crippen doubled up on turkeys as well. As a matter of fact all of the hunters in camp were successful in harvesting great birds as well as some hogs, a blackbuck, and a nice axis deer. Well everyone except for Dave.

I think Dave has borrowed some of fellow cast member Dan Thurston’s Bow Sadness! I hunted a couple of hours and shot two nice Rios. Dave hunted the rest of the weekend and only had encounters of the unfortunate kind with a big Axis buck and the turkeys. He did pass on some Axis does and some hogs. Luckily for him Mike invited Dave back to hunt for Axis deer and hogs with Blake and I in June, so hopefully his luck will change by then! If you are looking for something to do between the deer seasons and you have not hunted free range axis deer or black buck you should definitely call Mike and give it a try. It is a super challenging and a super exciting hunt. Plus they taste great which is an added bonus.

A big thank you goes out to Mike Stroff and SOE Hunts as well as big Mike, Randy, Rudy, Jacob, and everyone else that was in camp. We had an absolute great time and we can’t wait to come back in June!

Good Hunting!

John and Dave