April 3: Bric Steward, Brandon Jennings, Rod Owen

Hunts Took Place April 3rd-April 5th

Well after the fun we experienced last year at Brushy Hill Ranch for Bow Madness we decided to do it again this year. Only this year we also invited some of the Dream Season cast for some South Texas bow hunting fun. We would again be the guests of Pete and Ava Denney, my friends and the owners of Brushy Hill Ranch. We were only going to have three days to get things done, but I was confident with super guide and ranch manager Nick Anderson’s help and with our group of seasoned turkey veterans we could get things done. We also invited our good friend Bobby Vargas from PSE to join us in camp.

You have to watch Bow Madness this summer to get the whole story, but to make a long story short we were joined by an unwelcomed visitor the first night (a five foot plus rattle snake). Then we had a friendly archery competition at an unknown distance which turned out to be 111 yards to shoot a balloon on a block target. Nice shooting Bobby and Brandon! Brandon hit the balloon on his second shot!! Bobby Vargas put both arrows in the target 2 inches apart!! We harvested 3 longbeards, congrats to Bric (first Rio!!), Brandon, and Rodney! We also had a few misses not to mention any names Bobby, Rod, and Dave! J We had great meals every night and on our last night we were treated to some live music from Pete Denney himself and some others including Bobby V. on the drums! We had an absolute blast and a big thank you goes out to Nick, Pete, Ava, and everyone that helped make our weekend so enjoyable!!

With any luck I may still make it over to the ranch this spring for my crack at one of those South Texas Longbeards with my PSE!

Good hunting! – John and Dave