April 12: Kyle Lamore & JJ Kolesar

Sometimes 13 is lucky...

Turkey season is off and rolling here in Illinois. This year both myself and Kolesar had 2nd season south zone tags. Once again, we were heading down the road to our buddy Chris' farm that treated us quite well the last few seasons. On Saturday morning, we were up and at them to try our luck on some longbeards that were still extremely flocked up because of the late spring. We saw a lot of birds, but couldn't entice anything except some hens and jakes into our setup. On Sunday, we got settled into the blind about 30 minutes earlier in order to hide our placement of cameras, decoys, etc. It proved to be the difference maker.

Just after light, the hens starting pitching into the field right from their roost and the game was on. With SIX cameras rolling, I shot the bird that was flogging the decoy (revenge for breaking my decoy stake) and traded the gun and camera with Kolesar. He shot the second longbeard and Chris was able to capture the entire event with another camera. JJ had the last laugh when we discovered his bird was a double beard! The footage is as good as one will ever see...Hoping to return the favor next week for Chris to get in front of the gun!

Kyle Lamore