April 11: Katherine Eugster

My name is Katherine Eugster, but my friends call me Kat. A few weeks a go I took Hunter’s Safety with my dad. So, on the morning of April 12 I got up really early to try and shoot a turkey for Youth’s Season. I don’t usually do morning hunts, probably because I’m not a morning person, but it turned out pretty good.

While sitting in the blind, my dad and I kept hearing all these turkeys just chatting away in the trees. We called a few times, but they were staying put.

This was my second season, and it wasn’t a very long one! After about 15 minutes of being in the blind my dad practically slapped me with excitement.

“Get up! There he is!” He exclaimed quietly. I got into position with my gun at my shoulder in a flash. A massive turkey was strutting into the field.

“I’ll tell you when to shoot.” Dad said. I got sighted in on the bird, and waited for the cue. The problem was, the turkey was moving away from me, a few more steps and he would be out of my view from the window. I looked over at Dad and gave him the ‘well-can-I-shoot-it-or-should-I-let-it-go’ face. He was still looking at the turkey though. Finally he said, “Shoot ‘em.”
But the turkey was out of view! I said that I couldn’t, but he told me to shoot it again. We went back and forth once or twice, and then he finally realized I couldn’t shoot.

Then the turkey did probably the world’s dumbest thing in turkey history: he turned around. I quickly put the gun back on my shoulder, and sighted in again.

“When you’re ready.” Dad said. The turkey stopped right in front of us. I am so looking forward to a turkey dinner, I thought and I pulled the trigger…