Winter has been very reluctant to release her grip on us this year. Temps
have been well below average and the birds have reacted with less than
pleasing actions. Birds are still grouped up and toms have plenty of ladies
to court without having to wander after some guy trying to sound
interesting in a language he knows nothing about.

Which brings us to week one of turkey season here in Wisconsin. Joe and
I headed to a new farm that I had just gained access to. Going in blind is
an understatement. We decided to stay out a ways from the wood lot that we
figured was their roost. We set up King Strut and his female friend and
waited for a gobble to give away our quarry's location.

With the sun casting an ever increasing glow in the sky, I let out a few
yelps on the diaphragm call and was greated with an angry hen and a few
gobbles. The hen and I bantered back and forth until a couple of gobblers
flew out in front of us a couple hundred yards out. They were soon joined
by hens and more gobblers. We figured with all that company our morning was

Then came a little help. That angry hen flew right into our set up and
proceeded to pick up the argument right where she had left off. Those 4
gobblers couldn't stand the sight of King Strut showing off for their lady.
In they marched. Strutting and gobbling.

After enjoying the show, I let a load of Winchester do the rest of the
talking. It's just to bad we only had one tag , because the other 3 toms
took to pounding on the downed bird and gave us plenty of opportunities to
take them. Even while talking and high fiving, they didn't leave.
Definitly a great morning to be a turkey hunter!