October 24: Daltyn Kramer

After taking my first bow buck last year and how much fun I had doing it, it was obvious I would be at it again this year.

With this year being Dad and Bill’s first year as part of the Bow Madness team, I decided I would let the Traditions muzzleloader collect some dust this year, and pick up my new PSE Surge. Dad and I hunted every weekend of the youth season without seeing a shooter in bow range. One of the main spots we sat was the food plot. We put lots of work into our newly owned piece of ground, and the result was a lush, 3 acre biologic maximum and deer radish food plot. Early season this plot drew 12-15 deer a night, but the deer were not the size I wanted. Eventually, the food plot began to die down and was not an effective hunting spot anymore. By the end of youth season, Dad and I were both frustrated with the bad luck we were having.

Bow season rolls around, and we decide to change our game plan a bit. We started hunting in the timber more and not on our main food sources. When we felt we had pressured our property enough, we thought about some of our other spots. Then we remembered the big 9 pointer on a nearby property we had been getting pictures of during the summer. We figured he was still in the area, and knew there was some other good bucks there too. It was going to be a very warm weekend, but the wind was perfect for this stand right next to where we got those pictures, and we couldn’t resist.

When we got close to the stand, dad noticed a buck bedded right on the path to the stand. We decided to belly crawl around him and to our surprise, it worked. We got set up in the stand at about 4:30, and sat for a while. Then, at 5:30, three does came walking in on the same trail we took to the stand. They stuck around for about half an hour, then left. About 10 minutes after those does left, Dad spotted another doe at the bottom of the ridge. Just after seeing her, Dad spotted a nice buck following this doe. It was the 3 year old 10 point buck we had gotten pictures of with the 9 pointer. I knew I wanted to take this buck, and instantly started flipping out, like I always do. The doe was feeding on the plentiful supply of acorns the oak trees provided this year, with the buck keeping his distance, doing the same. with about 10 minutes of light
left, the doe started walking and ended up in front of our stand at 15 yards. As we expected, the buck followed behind her, and ended up in the same place also. I draw back my PSE, and wait for him to step into a lane. As soon as he revealed the front half of his body to me, I released the arrow. He ducked the arrow a substantial amount, and it hit higher than I wanted. He dropped in his tracks, and rolled down the hill.

This buck was a beautiful 3 year old, 126” buck and I couldn’t have been any happier with how the hunt turned out. He is my second bow buck, and my biggest bow buck, too. Now It’s time to dust off that muzzleloader and chase after some big bucks late season.