It's been an interesting year so far! With a new baby at home, time on the road and in the woods has been limited to say the least! I joined a lease not far from the studio to try and spend some time there after work and make it home at night. Just haven't seen the deer we were looking for.

I decided to stay home for my son's first Halloween and spend time with family in lieu of hunting for October 31st. The next day was the start of November so I was excited to join up with Aaron Bennett and head back to dad's for a 1 day hunt!

As usual, dad had the farm tee'd up for me and upon getting into the stand we saw 2 shooters chasing a doe at 3pm! Then later in the evening we had a deer come out that dad had been getting on his Reconyx cameras called the "Straight 8" (of course he broke his G3 in the last day). Great 4 year old deer that had been frequenting this field.

The deer came into the Biologic Winter Bulbs & Sugar Beets (with a little Maximum too) and came on a string for 200 yards following a doe right to the MAD Treecoy that dad's camera guy, Dillon, had put out a week or so earlier. The doe checked the Treecoy and then got a little spooky on us. Worked out well for us however and the buck gave us a perfect broadside shot and I drilled him with the PSE DNA SP! The shot was low and forward, but the RAGE Extreme literally cut through the leg and went through the heart and exited out the off leg!! He went 30 yards and fell on film on the edge of the Biologic!

Talk about an exciting night! I've hunted a total of 9 days so far this year. I had one night here at the farm...and we hit the weather, the movement and the season just right!

Happy Hunting to all! Remember to hunt safe and wear those Safety Harnesses! Special thanks to my wife Miranda for working so hard at home with Cameron and giving me the chance to get out and hunt! -Matt