November 14: Terry Drury

Phase 8, Desperately Seeking, came in with a bang in Missouri! The story with this particular deer started last year when Brian Szalk from RAM Trucks was in camp.  Brian and Chris Comstock were hunting and had a great encounter with a 3 year old buck that had great potential! From that point forward he earned the name "Chris".  Both Terry & Matt Drury had encounters with him and passed him.  Looks like it paid off and this 4 year old buck absolutely BLEW UP this past year!  

All summer long Terry didn't get a picture of "Chris" on his Reconyx cameras.  All Fall he didn't get a picture of him.  Well early this week "Chris" showed back up on the Reconyx cameras...and in daylight!  Didn't take Terry long to decide where he was gonna sit on the Missouri Firearms Opener!  

At 9:15am Terry and Yapper got their first glimpse of "Chris" off in the timber dogging a doe.  Didn't quite come out to the Biologic but Terry knew if they waited him out he would pop back out at some point.  Fast forward to 12:15pm and "Chris" stepped back out dogging several different doe.  He gave Terry a perfect broadside shot and the Winchester Model 70 .308 with the brand new Deer Season XP Ammo from Winchester put a hurtin' on him!  He only ran 30-40 yards before pilling up.  

This capped off a magical day at the farm...with both Matt and Terry killing great bucks!