With limited time to hunt this year with a new baby at home it sure has been nice to have dad's place to come up to!  I've hunted here a handful of times this year and each time have had great sits!  I find myself saying "there's no place like home, there's no place like home!"  

Today was no different!  Camera man, Dillon Knopp, and myself went out this morning to probably the best spot on dad's farm for seeing deer.  I sat on the North blind of a destination feed field that I had killed a buck off of 2 weeks ago while sitting in the South blind.  

At about 8:45a.m. we saw a mature buck briefly pop into the field with his head down and places to go.  Didn't give us a shot, but gave us high hopes for the morning!  About 45 minutes later we saw a doe pop out of the timber onto the Biologic and a 2 year old behind her dogging...and this big dog behind both of them getting ready to show who's boss!  We didn't have a shot because they went in to the timber, but minutes later they popped back out and the buck gave us a great broadside shot!  

I'm shooting a brand new Winchester Model 70 .270 with this new ammo that Winchester has coming out in the spring called Deer Season XP!  I put the shot where you should and this buck didn't run 40 yards and fell over dead!  My 2nd best buck to date and I couldn't be more thrilled!  

As soon as I got done field dressing him we got the text from dad that he shot a buck named "Chris" that he was after!  What a day at the farm!  A memory that I won't forget any time soon that's for sure! 

Have to thank my wife, Miranda, who has been at home with our baby Cameron!  If it weren't for her I wouldn't be able to do what I love to do!  

Safe hunting to all and make sure to identify your targets!  -Matt