Coming off one of my best years of my life last year I think the man upstairs was trying to remind me that hunting mature whitetails is not an easy task. I had been hunting nearly every day since October 23rd without a true opportunity on a 5 year old or older buck. My wife was ready for me to throw in the towel and to be honest there was a part of me that agreed with her!  I was tired and ready for a break as I headed into the bitter cold and the 25 mile an hour gusty wind on top of the 16 degree morning.  I have to admit that I chose a box blind to help keep my sanity...not to mention the Reconyx pictures we had seen in the 1/2 acre Biologic Clover Plus food plot in front of that blind. 

My filming partner Mike Klemmensen had to head back to work flying for Caterpillar and my good buddy Scott Manifold had made his 3rd trip down from Michigan to hunt a little and film me in Klems absence.  I am blessed to have friends who share the same passion I do and are willing to go through all the  hard work and bitter conditions we sometimes have to go through to harvest these animals. 

We really didn't know if the deer would be moving in these high winds but we were hopeful that if they were, this cedar thicket surrounding this food plot would provide enough cover to keep them on their feet.  About 7:30 we saw a doe in the cedars and a buck walking slowly behind her. I lifted my Nikons to see a 7 year old buck we knew very well. We called him Crabby due to his crab claw looking tines. We let this deer walk many times in the past years since his antlers wouldn't score much higher than 120 inches but at 7 years old he's more a trophy to me than many 5 year olds.  Unfortunately, his closest range was around the 50 yard mark and in these high winds I just could not get myself to release. He left and again my mind wandered to thoughts of "I could be having some hot coffee in my living room and be much happier", but that wouldn't kill us a deer so we stayed and hoped for the best. 

About an hour later Scott noticed a deer approaching from the east. I glassed him and it was "Buster" the buck we were looking for. He was believed to be a 5 year old and he was all over this food plot the last couple weeks. (Reconyx)  I grunted at him and he turned and came into the food plot. He then retreated as fast as he came and we thought we couldn't catch a break, then before you know it he was back and walking our way. He made it to 34 yards before walking into a Hypodermic Rage Broadhead. 


Scott and I were excited to say the least. Definitely due to the big buck we had just come across but maybe a little bit because we knew that it wouldn't be long before we could get a hot cup of coffee as well!  

My season changed in a split second so all I can say is if yours hasn't been real good just keep hunting and maybe say a few prayers. It worked for me!!

Good Luck!