November 21: Dan Thurston

Where do I start this season’s chain of events! I finally get it!!!  Why I am called “Bow Sadness”.  Rick Malik, my Bow Madness/Sadness filming partner came to Kansas and I dedicated the first eight days of November filming him, with only ONE good encounter of a giant we call “Grandpa” at Legends of Hope Outfitting.  We had tons of encounters of smaller deer but no mature deer.  We came back to the Lazy D with the same results and were stuck in a “rut”.  Rick is now off to Pennsylvania with NO results.  I then asked my filming friend, Michah Ehling to film me at State Line Outfitters with Bow Sadness again as a result.  What’s wrong with people! 

I then had an invite to Seth Rice’s KW Outfitters, Ft. Scott, Kansas  to try my luck again!  Three days again equals Bow Sadness!!   When does it end!  I’m now back at the Lazy D and Cody, my son, is filming me.  As we finish an evening hunt, the rope broke as we were lowering my camera bag and it fell 22 feet!  Now “Camera Sadness”! 

With the help of Bo at Campbell Camera and UPS red label, I had “Camera Gladness” the next day!  I’m now off  again to KW Outfitters for round two.  Looking for the elusive “Bow Madness” (if it is really exists for me)!

When I got there, the cycle of the deer was euphoric.  Bucks were cruising all around us chasing, grunting, fighting and it was like I had dropped in from outer space!  I am now starting to feel Bow Madness!   Let the Madness begin!  Seth had scouted this deer and  had pictures of him.  We sneaked in,  hung a Big Game Stand beside an old existing ladder stand in a pinch point by a wood lot.!  It was on!!!!  

As fate would have it, the only deer we saw that morning at 8:30 was this five year old brut of an 8 point.  Seth barely got the record button on and I had my PSE in hand ready for business.  A 20 yard shot with a “Rage” in the cage, he ran 45 yards and “UP CHUCKED THE BOOGIE” for Bow Madness!