November 27: Kyle McClellan

This story starts all the way back in 2011. After being a part of the 2011 St. Louis Cardinals team that won the World Series I started putting in for the Iowa bow tag to be a guest of Mark Drury’s. This season I was fortunate enough to get drawn and was excited to get to Iowa for my first ever hunt in that state.

I made a few trips up there this season and each time got to see some great deer and got to experience different phases of the season as well. My last trip was a short one. On Black Friday I got up early to get a buck that I had on my wish list! Shortly after getting to Iowa Mark had said that we were going to head to a spot that I had hunted a few weeks before and encountered an awesome 10 pointer. The setup was perfect for this phase of the season. The last time we hunted the spot, the deer wanted to be in the beans. This phase called “Green Revisited” ended up being the perfect phase for me to get a shot at this buck.

After only being in the stand for a few minutes we had our first mature doe in the field. Mark had told me “tonight could be special” and oh man was it!!! After seeing about 20 deer and several very nice bucks our shooter stepped out. He sucked right to that green field and started eating the Winter Bulbs and Sugar Beets. He eventually worked to 26 yards and I was able to put the pin on him and let the PSE and the Rage Extreme do their job. Once we were able to get our hands on him it was clear that the it was worth the 3 year wait!

I really appreciate Mark opening his home up to me and allowing me the opportunity to harvest such a great deer. I learned so much from being around Mark throughout this quest and those are lessons that I will use on my own farm and also lessons that I will pass on to my kids if they show an interest in the great outdoors.