December 15: Jared Lurk

I like hunting deer at all times of the year - but nothing is better than December with a Muzzleloader in hand. It always brings me back to fond memories of my formative years participating in firearms season with my Dad and brothers.

After shooting the 10.5 year old - Hightower - last year, a deer I had over 6 years of history with, I wanted to follow that up with another mature whitetail. IÂÂ’ll never have the same type of history with a whitetail, quiet like him; however, I did have one I've been following via Reconyx for 4 seasons!

The night of the 16th proved to awesome (weather, sun, high pressure) and Micah Ehling filmed me shoot this incredible 6.5 year old we nicknamed "Teight" short for Tall Eight!!
And if that wasnÂÂ’t enough excitement, this year, I was going to pass on the "Tradition" to my son, Henry. He recently turned 3 and I told him if I killed a buck, I'd take him out doe hunting with me.

Micah took the camera to capture Henry's first venture afield. As most three year olds would - he sat quietly for 2 minutes and then wondered out loud where the deer where! My iPhone held his attention until the first adult made her way on to the food plot. As she turned broadside, gunner and cameraman got on the same page - and Henry sat wide-eyed waiting for the boom! The doe dropped in her tracks - Micah turned to Henry to capture his reaction: in true Lurk form he says, "Dad - let's shoot another one"! IÂÂ’ve never been prouder as a father! ThatÂÂ’s my boy!!

Happy Hunting (and Holidays)!