January 7: Steve Frantz

Well Jarrod and I headed to Panther Lake Hunting Lodge in Redwood MS on January 4th in high hopes to get on one of those Mississipi Delta monsters. We started off bow hunting and the first morning out the gate we had a hot doe come by with 5 bucks with one being a rough 150" 10pt . He was only 50 yards but was chasing at 50mph and would not stop. As we hunted for a couple days we noticed that most of the bucks were chasing the does out of the timber out into the big crp fields making it hard to get on with our bow. So Melvin Hinson ,the owner of Panther Lake Lodge suggested we get out the ol Winchester Thunder stick and see if we could make it happen out of one of his elevated box blinds looking over the crp.
So we decided that was the best bet. First morning in the box blind we had this big mature 6 chasing does all out in front of us. We knew at the time he was super mature and needed to be out of the heard, but didn't want to make that call until we spoke with Melvin. After coming back to lodge and showing him the footage , he said " GET HIM OUT OF THERE"! So we decided if we seen him again we would take him out for him. We sure enough while waiting on the monster 10 to come out this am low and behold here comes the big 6 again chasing does at 15" yards out. We got great footage of him chasin and the leaving the does to walk with 75 yards of the box blind. It was then I grunted to stop him and smoked him with the Winchester 270. It feels good to get another buck down for TEAM Bama Boys and for Dream Season The Journey but even better to help Melvin manage his herd here in MS. We still after a big shooter here for the next few days! If you want a great place to gun or bow hunt in one of the best areas in MS delta look no further. I have never been treated so nice and ate so much good food in my life, not to mention the brand spanking new lodge and comfortable bed! Check em out www.pantherlakehuntinglodge.com or on his facebook page "Pather Lake Hunting Lodge". TOP NOTCH!

Tell Melvin Steve sent ya!

YAll stay after em!