January 15: Steve Frantz

Low Pressure + Cold Temps + Food = Mature Buck Down!

Well this is the 3rd kill for Team Bama Boys for The late Season Leg and our 6th for DS The Journey. Finally things are starting to pick up for Jarrod and I as our Midwest farms were a complete bust for the most part this year. Only two of our kills are from the Midwest.

Jan. 16th was the last day Mr. Freak would eat in our Bama standing bean field. We named him that because of his freaky left beam.

We had a ton of trail pics of this old boy all throughout the year and he was put on our hit list.
I have to give low hunting pressure and cold temps credit to killing this buck. This was only the 3rd time this year that we hunted this 20 acre standing bean field.

This big boy walked out about one minute behind two does. I figured he was gonna ask em both out for a date, but he had better things on his mind "FOOD". He walked between the two of them and started feeding like he never had before. I gave him a couple minutes as we wanted to have some pre-roll for footage. Well that could have been the worse decision I could have made, as he walked right behind the only 100 year old monster oak tree in the entire field and fed for 20 minutes! I was about to lose it for a second there, It felt like the entire world was against me for that 20 minutes as it was getting about 20 minutes from low light! Needless to say I got my "pre-roll" alright! Finally he walked out from behind the oak tree, I let him walk another 60 yards and once again let the Winchester do its job at 200 yards. Thank the good lord blessing us with these kills lately. We have had 4 kills in the last 16 days. Thanks to my wife for putting up with me this year it has been tough for her and kids I'm sure, but she has been a trooper!

Ya'll stay after em!