September 14: Steve Frantz

Team Ozonics kicking the season off early here in Southeast Kansas at Hickory Creek Outfitters. The owner and operator, Jeff Brondige hooked Jarrod and I up with our own 2200 acre farm for this early muzzleloader hunt. We left Birmingham,AL at 9:00 pm last Saturday and pulled an all nighter to arrive in KS at noon on Sunday. The goal was to arrive one day early prior to season, spread out four of us across a 200 acre bean field to try to get a quick pattern on a shooter or two. Based off what we saw and recommendations from Jeff "our outfitter", that allowed us to narrow it down to two core locations.

As luck would have it,day one this buck came out at 250 yards, out of respect for the animal we decided not to risk that far of a shot.

Knowing the patterns of early season bucks, we felt that we had a good shot for him to show up same place, same time. So we went in at noon today and hung a big game lock on set about 150 yards closer to this buck that we had immediately named "The Jolly Green Giant". With the weather conditions identical as yesterday, he showed up within 50 yards closer and 20 min earlier. I put the Nikon cross hairs on him and let the Traditions Muzzleloader do the rest!

After a slow start last year, one of our goals was to strike first this year and that's just what we did.
First and foremost I want to thank the good Lord for blessing me with this buck ,without him I'm nothing. Secondly, my wife Natasha for supporting me to live out my passion. Also, many thanks to Jeff Brondige for giving us this opportunity! Top notch place!

Ya'll get after em'!