September 15: Taylor Drury

Taylor joined the lovely ladies from the Under Armour Woman's hunt team in beautiful Utah for a week of hunting and fun! Not only that, but the folks from Mossy Oak were there as well as Jeff Foxworthy...so to say they had fun would be an understatement!

This was Taylor's first experience antelope hunting and she had so many great encounters through the week! Using her Winchester model 70 .243 rifle, Taylor and her guide (Austin Land) held out for the right antelope and finally after a few days of tough weather conditions and a few spot and stalk hunts...that right speed goat finally appeared!  Taylor made the 250 yard shot count  and this is the first animal on the ground for season 3 of THIRTEEN!  This officially kicks off the hunting season for Taylor! Now it's on to midwest whitetails!

Taylor can't thank Under Armour enough for such a wonderful and unforgettable experience! The scenery and the friendships made are memories that won't soon fade!

Special thanks to Katie Muth for filming the hunt as well!