October 24: Scott Manifold

My good buddy Scott Manifold was in Iowa behind the camera filming me for the last couple days. I went to check some Reconyx cameras on my Missouri farm and found a mature 4 year old buck out during daylight several nights in a row on a Biologic food plot. We had nickname this particular buck "Fat Albert" because he was so heavy with lots of mass.

Scott had a tag burning a hole in his pocket and we decided to switch and I got behind the camera and filmed while he was behind the PSE. We had the perfect wind hunt that food plot and we took advantage of it. With over 30 minutes of pre-roll this buck chased does and filled his belly full of Biologic radishes while we patiently waited. At the end he walked off and we thought he was walking out of our lives until Scott grabbed the grunt tube and brought him to within 18 yards. The PSE and Rage broadhead did the rest of the work and he was on the ground within 100 yards.

Great shot Scott! Now were back in Iowa enjoying this wonderful passion we both share!

Tom Ware