The story of "HEAVY" began as a young buck Reconyx picture I got and noticed this youngster had unusual mass for a young deer.  We let him walk for three years before putting him on the hit list this year. 

I had his pictures in a food plot early-season but could never get the correct wind to hunt it. I finally was able to go in on the evening of October 30th and put out a Boss buck decoy. The plan worked and he came into a mere 26 yards but unfortunately I made a bad shot and hit him square in the shoulder.  His horse like body prevented the arrow from hurting him too bad and after looking and confirming he was not dead for 2 full days, I got him on Reconyx camera again.  I was excited to say the least!

I've been hunting him for the last 2 evenings in the same food plot that I got his picture and actually had him at 70 yards the first night. Last night he came out too late, but we knew he was still right there!  We decided to actually hunt this Biologic clover plus field in the morning hoping he may be on his feet for the only cooler temperatures of the day.  I have to give credit to Scott Manifold for this plan. I would not have normally done it but he convinced me to be aggressive!

We had to act fast as he came out right at legal shooting time. The video wasn't as good as we had hoped because of low light conditions but at least this time I made a good shot!!!  

God has been good and blessed me with big whitetails to fill this passion I carry within me. I thank all my friends and family for all the help and dedication they give me. 

I hope everyone who shares this passion with me is able to experience a rush similar to the one I had this morning. I assume it's like a drug and I just cannot get enough of it!!!  

I can't wait to get out in the woods and film my buddy Mike Klemmensen tonight to get more of it.

Tom Ware