November 6: Bart Goins

I made it up to the farm in Brown County Illinois on November 1. November has arrived and I was itching to get in the woods. The first four days of the hunt was made tough due to unseasonable warm temperatures and south winds. The way more farm is situated it several south wind days in a row tough to hunt. Although the weather was not exactly in our favor, we still saw several bucks the first four days. On the morning of the fifth, we had our number 1 hit list buck "Curley" come by us at 37 yards with no offered shot. He was locked with a doe. Curley and his girlfriend stayed around us for half hour or so, but there was no shot offered. It was still an awesome encounter and Curley is everything I thought he was. I look forward to chasing him during gun season!

Later that afternoon, we had a six year old 9 point come by the tree. He wasn't the best scoring deer on the farm in fact he was probably on the down hill slide. Its a deer we called Big Slim. We passed him at 40 yards hoping to get a shot at Curley coming back through that evening. Curley never showed his face. The front rolled in over night and we knew the next few days should be off the chain! The morning was November 7 brought absolutely perfect conditions. 32 degrees, rising pressure, moon overhead at 9 am, the stage was set! We were headed into a funnel that connected three different hollows between fields. We were sitting on top of the ridge that brought the hollows together. The spot was perfect for November 7! The first 30 minutes of the hunt was pretty slow. We saw a spike coming and a few fox squirrels. A little after 7 am, we looked behind us and caught a buck working a scrape about 80 yards down the ridge. I gave him a few grunts from the Hypergrowl and here he came. He took his time and walked into 29 yards. The whole time he was coming I was trying to figure out who this buck was but I had no clue. I knew he was mature. When he got in 29 yards, I stopped him and let the rage fly! The shot was a perfect heart shot. The buck ran about 40 yards and fell over on camera!

When we got to the buck , I indeed had never seen this buck before. Those bucks are the best kind! He was a fully mature 10 point with a couple kickers and just a beautiful Illinois buck!

Good luck! -BG