November 7: Jarrod Gibson

"Sweet November" my favorite time of the year to hunt and it leads Team Ozonics to it's 4th kill for Dream Season, however this hunt was extra special. If you have been following our season you know me and my wife are expecting a little girl very soon. Before the season we had an agreement that i would hunt like crazy in September and October then spend November close to home in Bama. After long weeks in Kentucky and Kansas I finally connected with my first kill of the year in Ohio. I was very excited to get a solid kill so early especially with my situation this year with the new baby coming. So after that i turned my focus in November to my Alabama property and begin my full time job of checking reconyx cameras. I am seeing several great bucks showing up and my plan to kill in November in Alabama seems to be close. In the mean time Steve headed up to our new Illinois farm to try and keep our momentum going. With a week of hot temps and a cool front coming in it was looking good. On Nov 2 which was Steve's first morning hunt he connected with a big illinois bruiser. With him killing so quick and the cameras giving us good signs I had to make a stab at heading up to hunt. With a little help from the weather man showing the awesome cold front coming in I begged my sweet wife to let me slip away for 4 days and i promised i would be back after that. Every hunter knows the pressure when the wife is not so thrilled with you leaving and gives you a time schedule so I had to get the job done. Once I got the green light I called up long time hunting buddy Phillip Bruner and we headed north on a mission.

We left Bama in 81 degree weather and arrived in Illinois with temps in the 30s. Our first day in the woods was awesome with passing some good deer and having shooters out of range. Day two, Nov 8th, temperature was 28 degrees walking to stand. We decided to hunt a set on a ridge funneling up to a 200 acre cut corn field. The bucks where on their feet! After a hour of great action Philip heard a buck grunt from the bottom of ridge. He looked our way and begin coming strait for us. He was a big old mature 8 point. He begin to quarter away once he got in range and I stopped him at 30 yards and shot. The rage and pse put him down! I can't tell you the emotions i had running through me. I knew that down deep I was never planning to be in woods at that time and to be able to get a chance to hunt the rut in Illinois and kill on day 2 with the pressure I had on me... That's just crazy! Being passionate about hunting and trying to keep family first is a fine line and comes with lots of compromise. I am so gratefull I was giving a chance to kill this great buck. This will always be a special memory for me with it being so close to having my little girl Annie arriving in a couple weeks ...Thanks babe!! This season is rolling good for Team Ozonics with 4 kills and we are excited to see what happens next.

Y'all stayed tuned!!