November 6: Tim Seigler

Leaving work on Friday I couldn't be more excited. My cameraman Andrew Bennett and I had an all day hunt planned for the next day, and would be spending it in a new set in the middle of my timber. Well, after a slow start our minds began to race and we quickly decided the other side of the farm obviously held a greater chance for us. So we scampered down one tree and right into another.

The midday was slow, but around 3:45 Andrew tapped me and said "Buck coming!!" The deer was working in the perfect direction we needed. However, as soon we spotted him he bedded down. We watched for 45 minutes as the deer overlooked the field from his hideout. He was waiting for a doe to pop out, and at 4:45 a doe decided to step into the field prompting him to get up. 

We thought he would enter the field on a trail at 34 yards. He decided differently and popped out at 53 yards. After ranging the yardage, I stopped him and let the Rage sail! The deer being slightly alert ducked and spun when the arrow was released. Neither of us were sure of the hit, so we backed out to review the footage. After review we thought we had a very good chance at finding him. The next morning confirmed our thoughts as only went 100 yards before piling up! Thank you Rage Broadheads! 

I'm super excited to finally get my hands on a deer we call "Standard 8", I have laid eyes on him a few times and have 1000 pictures of him from last year. A big thanks goes out to Andrew for laying the footage down, and the O'neil family for another great memory from the farm.