November 15: Steve Frantz

November 16th was a good day for Team Ozonics with putting down our 3rd buck for the Rut Leg and 5th buck of the season! Me and my camera man Dustan Klaus headed up to NE Missouri to hunt with Andy Wulf of Whitetail Ridge Outfitters for gun season. He was gracious enough to allow us the option of an outfitted hunt or give us our own farm for DIY on a farm that he just picked up. Well we choose the DIY hunt as it was a farm with absolutely no pressure and after looking at the aerial photo it was a no brainer for me!
So we studied the aerial and found and awesome spot in some bottom CRP area where several pinches and funnels met together and hopped on the HUNT V with two Big Game lock ons and went to work. We did that on opening day so we didn't get to hunt. Day 1 in the stand was one of those days you dream about, we hunted all day and saw several different bucks with a few of them being shooters. They were doing everything from chasing, grunting, crusing... it was non stop action all day. Well that evening we spotted a big buck on a doe at about 275 yards, it was just a little too dark on the footage to try it. A huge rain front pushed in that night, but was scheduled to be out of there by 10am the next day. So at 10am on the 16th we climbed back up in our set in high hopes to see a shooter and primarily to see that big one from the late evening before.

After being in the stand for a few minutes we were already seeing movement. An hour went by when I was just sitting there in the drizzling rain glassing and I heard Dustin say " Big Shooter behind us at 30 yards coming quick, grab your gun NOW!" I turned around and seen this stud walking fast just on the other side of the ditch from us, it was the same stud from the evening before! I grabbed my Winchester Model 70 270 WSM, got on the deer real quick and I had forgotten to take my scope covers off as I was try to keep the rain out. Haha I about lost it when that happen! Finally ripped the covers off, by that time he was on a slow trot and almost into thick stuff were I couldn't get a shot, I grunted loud at him, he stopped and I put the smoke pole to work! The Winchester Deer Season XP did a number on this big boy! This PIG weighed over 275lbs and his neck is bigger than my waste! It all happened pretty fast so the reaction of me and Dustin after this PIG went down is priceless, stayed tuned to the Outdoor Channel next summer to watch it unfold on Dream Season The Journey Season 5!

I want to thank my wife Natasha for putting up with this crazy passion and grind that I love so much. She is the best wife and mother to our kids I could ask for! Thank the good lord above for allowing me to do this and blessing me beyond measures along the way of this Journey.

Y'all get after em!