November 20: Steve Frantz

That's a wrap for the Illinois Shotgun Leg! I put down our 6th kill for Dream Season and Team Ozonics!

Day one "Nov 20th", I hunted all day in a huge block of timber, saw several does and 7-8 different bucks between 120"-140", just nothing mature enough to pull the trigger on. That night a huge front blew it which brought even colder temps with high winds and snow. Hunted in the am on day two "Nov 21st" with not much movement, it seemed as if most the deer were hunkered down in that crazy weather.

Well at about 1pm the sun was forecasted to pop out and winds to come down to about 15mph. With a snow covered ground, that made my decision for where to hunt that evening very easy. We had a 10 acre standing bean field calling my name! Got into the stand just after noon and all ready had deer in the field. From the time we got in the stand until dark it was none stop action. Must have seen 35 deer on their feet feeding. At about 3:30 I saw two shooters come out of the woods on a hot doe about 400 yards from me. One big 8 and this Big main frame 9 with some trash. The 9pt was a deer we new well from our Reconyx cameras and one we had on the hit list! After a few minutes they went into the timber chasing the doe. Then around 4 o'clock I saw him come back out in to the cut bean field with his nose on the ground. He looked into the standing beans where I was and saw the 18 does that were feeding and I guess that made his mind up real quick! He came in on a string from about 400 yards into about 150 where he got on the first doe closest to him and started pushing her around. Well that put him going away from me and now out at about 170 yards. I didn't want to take any chances so I got settled in! I'm confident with my 20 gauge all the way out to 200 yards. He was quartering away at about 170 yards, I popped him real good and he ran a couple hundred yards across the field into the timber. He looked really hurt, but when In doubt...back out. It was going to be a low of 9 degrees that night so I decided to let him lay and come back in the am. When we came back in about 9:30 Sunday morning, he was piled up not even 30 yards inside the timber where he left out of sight of our camera. We had the deer aged at 5.5-6.5 years old and to score in the low 50s. When I walked up on him, I saw ground expansion and right away I knew I was way off. We taped him out at 163 1/8". He fooled me big time.

I want to thank first and foremost the good Lord for always continuing to bless me in everything I do! I want to give thanks to my wife Natasha for supporting me and being the best wife and mother to our kids a guy could ask for, while having to deal my hunting adventures. Thank my good buddy Dustan Klaus for laying down the footage!

Ya'll get after em!