I just can't get enough of this deer hunting! I'm starting to think its a sickness I have. I want to thank my family for allowing me to follow my passion.

This is a buck we called 8 BALL due to his 8 points and his rack looked like you could fit a ball inside it when he was 3 years old. He grew into a giant and he became a target animal this year.

I was going to one of my favorite food plots with standing beans and Biologic clover plus. I took along the boss buck decoy to help out my chances because the food plot was so large.

8 BALL came out at 2:56 PM with the sun shining on his rack and my heart started to thump. It took him a good long while to finally coming to the decoy because he was with the doe. We got lucky when I smaller buck pushed his doe towards our direction and then he came in to fight off boss buck.

I made a marginal shot in the liver and had to wait overnight to recover him. He only made it about 75 to 80 yards from the food plot edge and made it an easy recovery this morning. I couldn't be happier!!

What a season our team is having!! Congratulations to everyone and well deserved with all the hard work that goes into this passion we share!