November 27: Tim Seigler

As I sat in the blind I couldn't help but think I made a mistake by not sitting in the timber. I knew most of the deer were not making it to the fields until well past dark. I also knew that the weather for sitting over a Biologic foodplot were as good as ever and the deer should be hitting the green hard with the conditions. So I continued to sit and hope for the best. Up until this point I had only seen a button buck running circles in my field, so that was not much to keep me motivated. Then I looked up, and over the crest of the hill I saw antlers thrashing a tree. I knew instantly it was the deer I named Mr. November! Filming myself I had flipped the camera on just as he came over the hill and started working to the Biologic. I got him framed in the camera and watched as he mauled the turnips. This deer and I have a long history of close calls and at 40 yards and in frame I was determined this was not going to end up like my previous encounters. I waited as long as I could for him to turn to offer me a shot. When he did I let my arrow loose and watched it smack into him. I couldn't believe what had just happened, I just shot the deer I was after above all other deer! I was completely freaking out! 

Being by myself and it getting dark quickly I decided to pick up the trail in the morning. I recruited the help of my dad (Rich), Andrew Bennett, and Kyle McClellan. It turned out to be a very short track job as the deer was heart shot and did not make it very far. 

I cannot be more excited to finally harvest this buck. I have hundreds of pictures of this deer, I have seen him multiple times and have had him in bow range 4 times. I named him Mr. November because it was on Nov/1/2014 that I first encountered him. I had him at 25 yards and did not get a shot. At the time I didn't realize that this was going to be a common occurrence with this buck and myself.  I'm so happy I finally capitalize on the opportunity! 

Once again I have to thank the O'Neil family for letting me hunt their farm, and I have to thank Ronnie again for helping me plant the foodplot this summer on that sweltering July  day! Without those turnips this story doesn't happen.