December 4: Gabriell Gadient

This season Gabby finally had the opportunity to spend some real time deer hunting, we had sat together several times with archery equipment during the youth season with a few encounters but not with a buck that she wanted to wrap a tag on.

when youth season ended and she had an unfilled tag the disappointment was evident. I assured her that we would give a try just as soon as the firearm season opened.
Fast forward now to dec. 5 and our first chance to climb back in a tree. By now we had a pretty good handle of what bucks stayed on the farm for the season and what bucks we wanted to pursue, armed with that info and the MRI from the reconyx cameras we hatched a plan and climbed into a new set. Shortly before sunset we started to see some deer activity and soon after one of our target bucks stepped out of some standing corn, I immediately recognized him as Mr. Jingles, a buck named after the mouse in the movie "The Green Mile".

As luck would have it he chose to feed away from us instead of our direction, we quickly hatched a plan to climb down and put the sneak on the giant and try to position ourselves within shooting distance.

We were able to get down wind undetected and set up for our one chance at this deer, with light fading fast and him trying to circle down wind of us, he made the mistake of offering a broadside shot at only 30 yards. Just like a chip of the old block gabby levels the sight on his shoulder and squeezes the trigger, an incredible ending to a deer that we have a few years of history with and a magnificent first buck for an exited 13 year old girl.

Like all my girls she made me real proud.

Good Hunting, Bill Gadient