January 1: Steve Frantz

A couple days after Christmas me and my nephew Matt Frantz headed up to SE Iowa to hunt. I have to say that this Iowa trip was my most anticipated hunt for this season and probably ever in my life! I got drawn for my late season muzzleloader tag during this past summer and the Iowa late season couldn't get here any faster! Especially with how good my season has been thus far, I only knew I would cap off my season with a Giant!

After talking with the landowner and going over the aerial and trail pics off the farm I would be hunting, my excitement was at the upmost high! They had some really good deer on the farm and also a few management bucks that were mature but just not genetically inclined in the horns area. A couple in particular was a short tined 10pt and a short tined 9pt. They asked me that if I seen one of these bucks and I would care to harvest one, they would appreciate it, it would help get them out of the herd and the management on the farm. However, they didn't blame me if I wanted to hold out for a big shooter as there are several on this particular farm.

After hunting several days with the highs in the mid 20s and a snow covered ground over standing beans and corn, I found out real quick that the sought after state of Iowa is no different than any other from a hunting perspective. There aren't just shooters walking around in wide open fields in the daylight around every corner. During this time of year you have to have everything perfect and a little luck on your side to get the big boys up on their feet during daylight hours and in my case camera light hours.

On Jan 1, my second to last day to hunt, the management short tine 10 came out just after good camera light and I gave him a pass in hopes he may would show back up the next day in better light. On Jan 2nd, my last day, I went back in to hunt the same standing bean field I was on the day prior. Wouldn't you know it, this short tine 9pt management buck shows up this time about 30-45 minutes before dark. He comes running out of the timber to the standing beans and was hungry! We watched him feed for awhile in the standing beans, when then he turned around and started walking back towards the timber and I knew then it was go time! I let him get all the way to the edge of timber and turned to his broad side, put the Traditions Strikerfire just before the shoulder and let it smoke! The buck ran about 100 yards into the timber and the rest is history. I was happy to wrap my tag around this guy and help out with the management on the farm. It's not always about shooting the biggest buck, but also trying to be a game keeper. 

Can't wait to draw my next Iowa tag! Big thanks to my nephew Matt Frantz for laying down really good footage!

Y'all stay after em,