I literally can't believe the season I've had! The first day I hunted this year was September 18th on farm in Missouri. I've never shot a deer in September before. That night I was able to harvest the biggest deer on the farm.

Then in Iowa I harvested my target buck and another giant 8 point. I was able to film five bucks get harvested this year within my team of hunters. Everyone had a fantastic season!

I didn't expect that I would harvest this buck tonight on my Illinois farm. Tonight was the last night I would have a chance to hunt this season. The season had one more day but my wife and I had a group meeting for our church.

I have owned the farm for three years and have never seen this buck in real life. He's been a phantom! We had Reconyx photos of him but most were at night. I didn't want to bother anyone to go film me in January so I just decided to film myself. Tough to do with a bow but easier late season because the deer are on food and not in rut.

I somehow got it done! Another goal accomplished to harvest deer in 3 different states in one season. I can't stop smiling.

Congratulations to the Drury team on what had to be the best season in history!!

Tom Ware