BBD "Bama Buck Down"!
I finally got to put a little time in on our Alabama farm. I haven't hunted Bama any this entire season up until the last week or so. The rut is on now, but seems to be a trickle rut.

After not having any Reconyx cameras running on the farm from the end of the summer up until the last few weeks, I was excited to see after checking a few cameras, that there were a few of our velvet hit listers still roaming the farm and pretty close to their core areas they were in during the summer. One buck in particular was the "Narrow Rack Eight", he is solid 4.5 yr old Bama buck. We actually seen this buck while heading into hunt on Saturday evening come running across a big cut peanut field locked on a doe. Also he was seen in the same field on the doe again early the next morning, but 500 yards away.

We knew this buck had been locked on this doe for at least Saturday and Sunday and would be getting really close to having her bred. So, after hunting for a few days in some thick timbered areas with Archery equipment and seeing several good upcoming bucks, I was excited to pull out the Winchester 270 WSM to put good use.

We have a box blind on this cut peanut field and the plan was to hunt there Sunday morning in hopes of the Narrow Rack Eight to show himself one more time on that doe. We had an awesome hunt right out the gate, seen a 3.5yr old 9pt crusing that will be a giant in a year or two and couple other small bucks and does. Around 9am, my buddy Keith and I were just sitting there talking as the movement had really slowed down and out of nowhere, pops out the Narrow Rack Eight over my right shoulder looking out the right window of the blind. Keith said, there he is!! This time he was by himself, back on his mission cruising for another doe. Immediately flipped my two Garmin Virb cams on and put the trusty Winchester out the window. After a couple minutes of pre roll, he started walking steadily towards a chunk of timber. I grunted real loud at him three different times to try to make him stop and look towards us, but he was on a mission and wouldn't stop. I ask Keith if he had him good, he gave me the go ahead and I let the 270 WSM Rock him at about 150 yards. He ran about 100 yards into the timber and piled up!

This was a special hunt for me. Killed my first buck in my home state of Alabama for the season to make it our 9th kill of the season and 2nd kill for the Late Season Leg. We have a couple more weeks to get it done here in Bama and the Ozonics train will come to a halt!

Y'all get after em,