January 17: Dan Thurston & Darryl Burttschell

I sure love it when a plan comes together! You know Mark Drury laughed when I said I was going after 6 whitetails at my 60th year on this earth with only my P.S.E. He said, “Why don’t you do something more realistic, Dan!” Which is understandable because I usually struggle to get one or two kills on film. But, look who’s laughing now Markkkk! 6 @ 60 is now wrapped up!

6 @ 60 wasnÂ’t about killing monster bucks. It was about enjoying the great outdoors, while having a ton of fun on the way. I was extremely lucky to get hooked up with some amazing people, re kindle old friendships, and make new lifelong friends along my 6 @ 60 quest. I have now killed one buck in my home state of Kansas, one stud in Pennsylvania and three in Texas. Now, you see thatÂ’s only 5, but my son Cody killed a buck in Kansas on film and I filmed my good friend Daryl Burttschell kill a Texas monster, so I feel with that my 6 @ 60 is complete.

My hunting year started and ended in Texas. My last trip started on January 18, a 12 hour drive to hook up with great friend Daryl Burttschell. We were off to the Swizey Ranch near Coy City, Texas. We met up with Curtis Swizey and we were headed to our Muddy ground blind. We settled in the blind, some does, and bucks filtered in. The rut is later in the south than in the Midwest so it was still going on in Texas as we witnessed a few bucks fighting. Then my management buck walked in at 5pm and I gave him a 25 yard heart shot and the PSE and Rage ate him up! He went about 40 yards and piled up. I couldn'Â’t believe that we got it done in one day!

So we packed up that evening and headed to a ranch near Fall City, Texas. It has a super neat lake that is 90 foot deep and is clear as can be. The lake was the result of a Uranium mine that was dug back in the 1960’s. We got unpacked and settled in for Daryl’s hunt. Tyson Steven’s, ranch manager came and joined us on this hunt. We sat in a Texas custom ground blind at the base of one of the dirt mounds created from uranium mining. Now, previously in the year Daryl had filmed me shoot a management buck at this ranch while the buck he was after, “Too Tall”, was in the field. Today, he was after “Too Tall” and the roles are reversed. He now has his PSE and I’ve got the camera in hand. One of the first deer to come out was “Too Tall” and boy did Daryl have some buck fever! He sure was jacked up. Now, if I can press record and Daryl can make a good shot we’ll have 6 @60 wrapped up! As Daryl is shaking and a little anxious to say the least, “Too Tall” comes into 28 yards and Daryl lets the PSE and rage fly and puts a perfect shot on him! Talk about some emotions running through that blind! “Too Tall” ran across the field and expired and wouldn't’ you know it I got it all on film! “Too Tall” was a 183 inch Texas Monster!

IÂ’'ve been so blessed to have met the fine folks that helped me on my seemingly impossible quest of making CONTACT with 6 whitetails on my 60th year on this earth. This year will top all my years with Drury Outdoors. Thanks again to all the landowners and friends that made this all possible! Special thanks go to my wonderful wife, Carla that allows me to travel all across the U.S. to pursue the animals I love!