April 3: Brandon Jennings

Brandon and Bric had such a good time at Hidden Hills Outfitters in Nebraska, they had a hard time remembering just when it was over their long weekend that the birds were killed. Imagine roosting flocks of up to 600 birds and traveling flocks of up to 60. It was a turkey overload!

But numbers of birds don’t mean much if you can’t get on them, which is why outfitter Jake Hueftle logs 100,000 miles on his vehicle annually scouting the turkey and deer on his properties. Though the birds congregate in wooded canyons to roost and shelter from the weather, they aren’t easily swayed to come to decoys. Most flocks have a 1:6 gobbler to hen ratio, so the toms don’t really need to go looking for love. The guys needed to setup where the turkeys wanted to naturally go, which is what Brandon and Bric did. On two of the hunts, they set out a MAD King Strut gobbler decoy to drop the curtains on a couple toms.

Brandon killed his gobblers with his PSE Decree straight off the roost in the morning. Bric got his with his Decree as they were headed back to the roost in the evening. Their shots ranged from as close as 12 yards to as far out as 27. Though they were in a blind and for all of their hunts, killing the birds wasn’t the walk in a park that it may sound.

In addition to winds gusting close to 40 mph, the two saw temps as low as 36 degrees, hail, snow, sun and rain…not unheard of for a whitetail hunt…but certainly not typical of a spring turkey hunt. The guys weren’t as prepared as they would have like to have been for the cold and wind, but they stuck it out and each filled their two tags, bringing home a total of four birds.  

Ultimately strong scouting by a knowledgeable outfitter and their resolve to endure the elements brought Brandon and Bric success. I have a suspicion though that on future spring turkey hunts they’ll have a parka tucked away in their gear…just in case.