April 8: Kyle Lamore & Chris Dussold

April 9th started out at a frosty 28 degrees for DOD field staff Kyle Lamore, JJ Kolesar and their buddy, landowner Chris Dussold…but it wasn’t long until things warmed up. 

Chris’s farm in western Illinois holds turkey in relatively the same spot annually, not typical behavior for the Eastern subspecies that tends to roost in different locations year to year. The guys were counting down the days to get out into the blind because this area produces consistently. They also appreciate the social aspect of turkey hunting together, busting on each other and catching up on life while they wait for long beards. 

This particular morning had the birds still flocked up together and sticking inside the timber after they flew down. Kyle was on deck first with the Winchester SX3 while JJ and Chris manned the cameras. As the sun climbed into the sky the blind got awfully cozy, so cozy the guys may have dozed off a bit. Let’s call it a catnap. 

But the allure of a catnap is no match for the thundering gobble of a tom and as the guys came to, they saw the source of the gobble 100 yards out into the field. They hit the MAD Aluminator call and in combination with their Flambeau hen and a stuffer decoy, the gobbler marched right into their setup and Kyle did not miss.

The team’s celebration and post-shot interview were cut short when they noticed two more toms on the other side of the field. Chris got his turn at the gun (an opportunity that almost didn’t happen. Chris had a devastating fall from his tree stand this past Christmas but survived and has recovered) and ten minutes later a second Illinois gobbler was on the ground. Their slow and frigid morning start seemed a distant memory in the full noon sun with two tags punched. 

The guys are headed back to the farm again and JJ’s on deck next. Check back in on the journal to see if he gets it done.

Two longbeards hit the dirt Saturday, April 9th in Illinois after Kyle, Chris, & JJ wait out a couple of crafty Toms!