What do you do when the gobblers come in too fast and too close to the blind? You hang on until a shot presents itself then make contact when it’s right. 

Dan made contact with a longbeard on April, 10 near Lawrence Kansas hunting with Mark and Wade during the archery portion of the state’s turkey season.  Mark and Dan have developed a reputation for mid-day gobblers and they just keep adding to that legend with hunts like this. 

The three heard gobbling in the distance so they made the call to pack up the Muddy Redemption blind and head toward the action. They settled on a grassy hillside and Mark went to work aggressively calling. The toms responded but got hung up near a cut before finally coming up the hill. 

As you can see from the video, these two birds came in motivated…maybe too motivated. 

Dan was stuck at full draw as the gobblers darted into the decoys. At first they were too close to get a shot through the window of the blind, then they were moving too quickly around the Smokey Baby and Walking Tom decoys. Finally they slowed to begin posturing and Dan let a Bow Madness arrow tipped with a Rage Extreme loose out of his PSE DNA. 

This turkey makes the sixth animal Dan has killed in the sixtieth year of his life (including a 183” buck you’ll get to see in the coming season Bow Madness.) 

While Dan may prefer sleeping a little later during turkey season these days, fast-moving gobblers are still no match for him. 

Great work Dan!