Rick doubled up in Kansas back at one of his favorite hunting locations, the Lazy D. Read on to learn why it’s not just because of the birds that he calls this the best turkey hunt he’s ever had. 

The action on the first day of the hunt with buddy and fellow DOD field staff Dan Thurston was furious, with more gobbling than he’d ever heard in one place, but gobbling toms aren’t always killable toms. 

Their location was prime on day one, but when the birds flew down off the roost in the morning they pitched onto an adjacent property and were off-limits. Though there was plenty to listen to, no gobblers came within bow range that day. A lot of turkey hunting is taking the lead from what the bird’s behavior is saying, so they got access to the neighbor’s property for the following morning. 

Day two of the hunt found the pair once again witnessing an incredible amount of turkeys and gobbling. They had just enough time to slip a Flambeau hen decoy out and then begin calling to a flock that had a dozen gobblers and a bunch of hens.  The birds were 300 yards out and only after a significant amount of pleading with the MAD Aluminator and a MAD diaphragm call, did a tom with two jakes break off and come to their setup. 

One empty shotgun shell later and Rick had a Kansas gobbler down. They didn’t stop hunting, rather they continued calling and soon three more gobblers came in from another direction. Only two would survive as Rick dropped another turkey and filled his second tag. 

Rick calls this the best turkey hunt he’s ever had, but not for the reasons you’d expect. Sure, taking two great Kansas toms didn’t hurt, but they were really a backdrop for him to reconnect and spend some quality time with Dan in the field.  The guys also caught a mess of crappies for the frying pan. It sounds like a perfect reunion to me. 

This spring while you’re out chasing turkeys or crappies or morels, don’t miss an opportunity to enjoy the outdoors with the people who mean the most to you. That’s what makes time afield truly meaningful.