Opening day of the Missouri and Iowa spring turkey season was also the kickoff for a reboot of another “King of the Spring” throw down only this time, it was virtual.

Back in 2012, we did a turkey hunting special called, “King of the Spring,” pitting two Drury teams against each other during the spring turkey season. We brought it back again this year but with a twist; to see which team could capture a successful turkey hunt while live streaming the experience on Facebook.

Team Mad Dog was hunting in Iowa and consisted of Mark, Taylor and Coon Dog. They would attempt to broadcast a kill via the Cabelas Facebook account. Team Tbird was Terry, Matt and Chris hunting in Missouri and streaming via the Drury Outdoors Facebook account. 

From the pictures you already know the outcome of day one. Matt and his team took a beautiful turkey to win the day, but as is usually the case, it wasn’t a simple task.

Team Tbird chose to hunt DOD field staffer Chad Killmer’s property. Chad had four birds roosted and dialed the guys in on them in short order. That morning, from their Muddy Redemption blind they heard six birds gobbling from the roost but when the toms flew down, they walked away from their calling.

At that point, normally the guys would have moved on to greener pastures, but since Missouri hunting hours close at 1pm, they knew they didn’t have much time to waste. They decided to commit to their location and continued to call.

About an hour later, two longbeards appeared at 250 yards heading back towards the roost site. Despite their calling, they couldn’t get them to turn.

A sense of urgency began to grow. The clock was ticking down. Just as they were about to pick up and move, Terry suggested Chris hit the MAD Aluminator one more time.

Gobble gobble gobble.

The birds were directly behind their blind and still out of sight behind a ridge at 80 yards. They flipped all their gear and as they opened the now front windows to the blind, Terry whispered, “There he is!”

With a Flambeau King Strut, the Shady Baby and Smokey Baby as eye candy, the toms came to the call as Facebook fans of Drury Outdoors watched in real time.  

When the gobblers got within 25 yards, Matt let the Winchester SX3 Longbeard thunder, rolling one of the three birds and putting Team Tbird on the board first in the race to be “King of the Spring.”

Did you miss the action? You can still catch the feed here.