Louie’s recent Kentucky gobbler is just another proof of the old adage, “You can’t keep a good man down.” After surviving an almost fatal tree stand accident in 2014, Louie refused to quit hunting.

This gobbler was a couple days in the making and required a couple of full-draw moments with his PSE Dream Season Decree before notching a tag. On the first day, the camera tripod got in the way of a two yard shot. Sitting in a Muddy Hay Bale blind, two big toms came in so close that with the camera in the way, he couldn’t get an angle on them before they moved on.

Day two found Louie back in the blind, this time without the cumbersome camera tripod. There was little gobbling, but early in the morning, a single gobbler crested the hill in front of him and locked on to his decoy set.

Louie’s decoy set is …high tech. In addition to a Flambeau Smokey Baby, he’s got a taxidermied hen named Dolly and a mounted full strut longbeard named Rocky. Rocky is mounted to a remote controlled base that spins on command. Unique.   

The bird came in at full strut as Louie initiated Rocky’s spin cycle. The turkey hadn’t made it to the decoys, but Louie figured he was at 25 yards. He was afraid to reach for his rangefinder and risk spooking him away. The arrow he launched proved his estimate was short, hitting the bird low causing it to run off. 

Just as Louie was beginning the post-shot interview, two more gobblers showed up marching towards him. This time he was going to wait to shoot until they reached a known distance at his decoys. They did, and the Rage Extreme piled up one of the gobblers after running fifty yards. 

Desire to continue hunting is critical to success, but not enough in itself. Louie’s experience reinforced the importance of attention to details like having access to your rangefinder and clearing out space to draw before the opportunity arrives. 

We’re glad Louie is still in the field making it happen. The turkeys? Not so much.