May 22: Greg Glesinger

Investing a hundred hours into good buck is pretty typical. It’s not often you’ll find someone willing to put that kind of work into a turkey though. I guess that makes DOD field staffer Greg Glesinger a little abnormal.

The past few Wisconsin spring turkey seasons had been relatively dry for Greg. Between bad weather, personal life challenges and the state’s restrictive turkey seasons (a hunter only gets seven days and must specify a Zone where they’ll hunt), he hasn’t been able to seal the deal on a gobbler of his own…until now.

After hours of scouting, blind setups, one close call with a bird at 62 yards, and six days of hunting four different farms, Greg had a solid hundred hours invested into this pursuit. 

On Sunday night, Greg asked his son Derek to go out and do one last scouting trip around the farm. The report he came back with was positive; two toms walked right by their Muddy Redemption blind on the way back to the roost. 

Monday morning started with a nearby gobble at 4:45. Three birds were roosted just behind them and one pitched down into their field, but he was henned up and wouldn’t close the gap. 

Later, Greg heard birds fighting but he couldn’t see them. Soon, two hens, four jakes and two toms breached a knoll around 100 yards out. The parade marched over to inspect the MAD King Strut and MAD Aggressive Jake coupled with Greg’s calling with the MAD Aluminator call. 

Finally, the hundred hours of hard work and perseverance resolved into a single moment when his Winchester Longbeard SX3 fired, dropping one of the gobblers and sending the rest of his crew skittering off. The dry spell was over and one spent Longbeard XR hull lay on the ground at Greg's feet.

We’re always becoming a certain type of person. Every action, every decision we make is turning us into the person we’re going to be. Some folks might question putting so much effort into killing a turkey. It’s not a monster buck. Why spend all that time on a bird? 

Hunting is about pushing yourself to become a better person, someone capable of persisting through difficulty to achieve a goal. That aptitude transcends turkey hunting and influences how we pursue deer; even how we live our lives.

Congratulations to Greg on pushing through and bringing home a beard!