September 3: Rod Owen

No man is an island and neither is any deer. Rod Owen was back in Nebraska at Hidden Hills Outfitters looking for archery redemption after a challenging 2015 season.

That year, Rod put an arrow just above the spine of a monster buck he had named Three Way. The old buck healed up and was appearing on trail cams after the encounter. Frustrated but determined, Rod came back to Nebraska 80 days later and ultimately took the deer with a firearm.

Anyone who’s fired a bad arrow knows how long that moment can live on in your mind. When the team at Hidden Hills identified a mature 15 pointer on their property, Rod knew this would be his opportunity to bring closure to his Nebraska archery story.

On the day of the season opener, Rod had setup in a haybale blind over a water tank. The deer were on the move, but his buck didn’t show. Trail cam reconnaissance showed the 15 pointer traveling through a pinch point in a woodline on his way from a swamp to an alfalfa field.

Armed with fresh intel, they repositioned the blind for night two, but still no buck. Night three would be a different story.

20 minutes before last light the buck appeared, making his way back through the pinch point. This was the pivotal moment when the hard lessons learned from Three Way would prove their worth.

The buck paused at 33 yards. Rod came to full draw on his PSE Decree, settling a pin on the buck he’d been watching all summer. The flight of the arrow pushed a Rage Chisel Tip through the deer’s lungs. 70 yards later, Rod had his hands on 176 1/8 inches of Nebraska bone.

No deer is an island and this trophy was the culmination of extra practice and prep from a frustrating journey with Three Way, the diligent work of the guides and support staff at Hidden Hills and the right equipment deployed within a dynamic field strategy.

Congratulations to Rod for coordinating this plan and bringing home a great buck!