September 4: Mark Drury

What does arrowing an Alberta muley at 66 yards have to do with whitetail hunting?

Successful hunters get that way because they learn how to transfer skills, tactics and knowledge between the different types of hunting they engage in. Early September found Mark and Jared not in a whitetail stand, but instead hunting mule deer in southern Alberta, Canada with Three Rivers Adventures. The tactics they used to bring down this 189 2/8 inch buck are often under-utilized and have critical application in the whitetail world. 

What you’ll see when this hunt airs in the summer of 2017 on Bow Madness is that Mark focused on practicing shooting at much longer distances than are typical on whitetails. As a result, he was able to take this particular deer with his PSE Carbon Air at 66 yards. The increased accuracy at closer ranges and confidence that comes from knowing you can shoot greater distances will make you a better bowhunter regardless of where you’re hunting.

The second transferrable tactic is to watch and learn before you hunt. In addition to intel from the guides at Three Rivers Adventures, Mark and Jared took the time to personally observe this buck before they began hunting it. That observation time allowed them to execute on the third tactic…getting close to bedding areas. 

Often seen as taboo, if you go slowly and quietly, it is possible to get in tight on those bedrooms. You need to have observed the animal enough to know where and when they utilize the space however. The interplay between this tactic and watching and learning cannot be understated.

Finally, as our equipment gets better, the days of needing to pull 70 lbs. of draw weight to be lethal beyond 40 yards are over. Mark’s Carbon Air was set to 53 lbs. and although this deer was closer to 70 yards out, his Rage still got a complete pass-through.

Congratulations to Mark on a massive muley and highlighting ways we can grow as bowhunters!