September 24: Taylor Drury

Taylor laid the Prayer buck to rest on September 25th. He is survived by the BioLogic Clover Plus field he loved so much.

Buck activity was high on this evening as Taylor watched from her blind overlooking the food plot. As evening drew closer, buck activity began to increase.  One buck in particular was on the hit list however, a mature Missouri deer whose main beams swept back around to almost touch each other.  The impression it gave was similar to two hands meeting together in prayer.

Once he stepped out into the clover, Taylor picked up her PSE Premonition HD and waited for him to get into range. At 26 yards he presented a shot and she wasted no time obliging with a Rage.

The blood trail was good, though long as the buck headed into the dark cedar forest that surrounded the BioLogic field.  It didn’t take long to track him down and just ten days into the Missouri archery season, Taylor had already tagged a great buck.

The basics were critical on this hunt, attention to wind direction, solid concealment of the blind, waiting for the right shot. As we grow as hunters, it’s important to retain the fundamentals as we add increasingly complex strategies and tactics.

 As told to Tim Kjellesvik.