September 27: Justin Lurk

The Lurk boys were at it again on a September bow hunt in Missouri where Justin took this great 140 inch Show Me State buck.

But they didn’t kill him by sheer luck. They had a plan that included these five components all working in concert with one another.


Early season heat can suppress daytime deer movement, so the guys look for a deadly meteorological convergence of a cool front with dropping temps, rising barometric pressure and a north or northwest wind. They got that on September 28 and as a result, had an unbelievable night in the blind.


For Justin and Jared, it’s not enough to throw a food plot mix in and hope for the best. They strategize on a layout and have found that creating a crescent shaped plot with a blind or stand downwind makes for a killer combination. 35 yards from their position they’ll plant a band of Biologic Deer Radishes, ensuring there’s enough that they don’t get completely eaten before the season ends. Beyond the radishes, they’ll plant BioLogic Maximum, resulting in what Jared describes as a food plot “rainbow” wrapped around their location that’s about 80 yards wide.


The guys figure it takes about three years to truly learn a farm. Much of that education happens with Reconyx game cameras. Not only are they watching to see what deer movement looks like month to month, but also year to year. It’s a long term picture they’re putting together that includes the numbers, ages and locations of deer on the property. They intentionally chose the location for their food plot based on a bedding area they discovered because of their research.  These principles are integrated.

From Good to Great

It’s not just a book; it’s also what you need to do to start shooting truly great deer. Justin had opportunities to take this deer in 2014 and 2015, but chose to pass until he reached his potential. It’s not easy, but unless you’re willing to pass on good deer, you’ll never shoot great ones.

Pass It On

There were three Lurks in the blind on the 28th, Justin, Jared, and Jared’s five year old son Henry. Although taking a kid hunting adds another layer of complexity, it’s important to them to introduce the next generation to the sport and to appreciate the experience. Shortly after getting into the blind, Henry watched in excitement as Justin shot a doe, then later that evening he witnessed the taking of the buck. The Rage 2.3 out of Justin’s PSE X-Force left such great blood trails that Henry led the charge in finding both deer. 

This deer was the result of planning, hard work, patience and strategizing. Thanks to Justin and Jared for sharing the principles for success in September. Catch this hunt in summer 2017 on Bow Madness.


As told to Tim Kjellesvik