September 27: Mark Drury

The number of firsts this grizzled old buck represents for Mark and Taylor may be hard to believe.

Taylor had tagged out on a great Missouri buck back in September, so she hit the woods with Dad to film for him…the first first. Up until this hunt, she had never been behind the camera.

Mark has had his eye on this deer for a number of years and noticed that his rack had plateaued over the last three, making him a candidate for the hit list. When he stepped out into the BioLogic Clover Plus field in the evening on the 30th, Mark put his PSE Carbon Air to work and, “put a Rage in the cage.”

Now for more unbelievable firsts.

Did you know that prior to this deer, Taylor had never seen her Dad kill a buck in person?

Perhaps even more incredible is the fact that she had never been with him when he’s harvested a deer with a bow!

That’s a lot of firsts!

Killing a deer is a sacred act that should always be cherished, but the context around the hunt can be even more significant. While this buck’s rack won’t break any records, both Mark and Taylor will remember this hunt for the rest of their lives.