September 29: Riley Proctor

With his Traditions Striker Fire Muzzleloader aimed at the vitals of the biggest 10 pointer of his life at just 35 yards, Riley Proctor’s nerves were on overdrive. On a scale of 1-100, he said he was, “at 1,000.”

Just one day prior to this encounter, Riley was at Mayo clinic in Minnesota for one of his cancer treatments. The folks at Catch A Dream had coordinated with our team to get Riley out on an Iowa whitetail hunt. Like any young man crazy about deer hunting, his dream was to kill a trophy buck.

No time was wasted once they rolled onto the property; Riley was in the blind shortly after they arrived. That first night he exercised patience beyond his years as he decided to pass on a great eight pointer. That choice would pay off the following night.

Nine does were feeding in the field as Riley and family watched from the blind. They moved on and at 6:30, the 10 pointer stepped out at 150 yards. Knowing he wanted to wait for a better shot, he waited as the deer gradually closed the distance. At 35 yards, with a bullet kissed for luck by his sister and the buck of his dreams in the crosshairs, he dropped the hammer.

The deer bolted, but only made it 80 yards before going down. As Riley knelt by his deer and laid hands on its antlers, pills, tests, illness, none of those things mattered. He had killed his dream buck.

We want to congratulate the Proctor’s not only for Riley’s deer, but the fine young man he is. We’re also proud of our partnership with Catch a Dream. If you’re interested in helping provide life-changing experiences like this one for kids facing serious illnesses, contact them at info@catchadream.org.

Congratulations Riley! We’re pulling for you! 


As told to Tim Kjellesvik.