September 20: Dave Reisner

On September 21st Dave Reisner and John O’Dell were back in Manitoba, Canada at Webber’s Lodges but instead of chasing caribou like they did in 2012, they had their sights set on a bucket list animal for Dave, a trophy moose.

Russ Mehling and his guides at Webber’s know how to run a hunting camp. The accommodations are solid, the terrain is spectacular (and draped in Northern Lights during the evenings) and the team knows how to get close to animals. So it wasn’t too surprising when on day one of the hunt, a bull with a 42 inch wide rack was making a bee line towards Dave and John.

Thick foliage blocked much of their view of the moose as they spent the next 30 minutes playing cat and mouse, all within an anxiety laden 50 yard radius. Close, but with all the obstructions, not close enough. The moose offered glimpses of himself as he worked to locate the cow that wasn’t there, but never anything amounting to a clean shot.

Finally, after a half hour of adrenaline tinged patience and calling, the bull came into  an area clear enough for Dave to come to full draw with his Carbon Air. He settled his forty yard pin on the vitals, and sent an arrow quartering into the moose’s ribcage. Within 50 yards the bull was down and Dave had officially achieved his top bucket list objective.

On the drive back home to Iowa, Dave reflected on lessons learned from his time up north. After he killed on day one, John was up next. While they had an encounter with a small bull, no trophy moose ever presented itself. Despite the expertise of the guides, when the big boys are locked down with cows, there’s just not much you can do. The same applies with whitetails during the rut. Once they have a hot doe, call all you want, but it’s unlikely they’ll break away.

Wondering what’s next on Dave’s bucket list? Let’s just say that if you’re a 300+ inch elk, you’d better keep your head on a swivel.   

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