It was double trouble at Double T Outfitters in Del Rio Texas as Rick and Dan headed back to the Lone Star state for whitetails. If any hunt deserved a soundtrack, it’s this one. 

The guys were filming for a Bow Madness episode and had been invited back to Double T for a management hunt. If the outfitter sounds familiar, it’s because Dan was there last year as part of his “6 at 60” tour. Like 2015, Bret Ferguson and his team would not disappoint.

Rick was on deck first on October 1 and before the sun crested, he and Dan had multiple deer out in front of their Muddy Blind. Eventually, a solid eight point management buck offered a shot at 26 yards. Rick and his Carbon Air armed with a Rage Chisel Tip took care of the rest. The deer ran 80 yards before going down, making this Rick’s very first Texas whitetail.

Dan was up next, though for five days they had an interesting problem: anytime a good management came into range, there were too many other deer in the way for a shot. Life is hard at Double T Outfitters.

On October 5, with Dan still at bat, a good management buck finally came around for a clear 25 yard shot. Dan lined him up with his Carbon Air but the deer reacted to the shot, resulting in a hit farther back clipping liver and lung.

The deer covered three quarters of a mile before going down. In the thick and thirsty Texas terrain, the guys utilized an uncommon yet effective tracking technique; looking for buzzards. It worked and together Rick and Dan scored a pair of nice Texas management bucks. To put a cherry on top of their “double” themed hunt, they also tagged a couple does.

In addition to great service by Double T, Rick and Dan attribute their success to their willingness to daily brave the 100+ degree temps in the blind and the effectiveness of the Rage broadhead. In the end, the double trouble team of Rick and Dan left Texas with two bucks, two does and two big Lone Star state induced grins.  

As told to Tim Kjellesvik.