October 3: Wade Robinson

It’s never a good feeling to have shot a great buck as a thunderstorm is rumbling on the horizon.

But that’s what happened to Wade on his October 4th Iowa whitetail hunt. He and Scott Rupert had brushed in a Muddy Redemption blind just a few days before overlooking an agricultural field. As he sat and waited for a shooter buck, a major front was rolling its way towards him.

The storm front was both a blessing and a curse. The blessing was that the incoming rain had the bucks up an on their feet. Just before last light, this 142 4/8” deer walked into range. Wade came to full draw with his PSE Carbon Air and hit the buck quartering away at 42 yards with a Rage Extreme.  The curse was the near impossibility of blood trailing a deer in the pouring rain. Often times, deer shot under these circumstances aren’t recovered.

The rain dissipated the blood at a fork in the trail, so they decided to pull out and come back in the morning.

After searching a hillside and finding nothing, they went back and tried a field on the other side of the fork. Their odds were looking bleak. There was not a drop of blood to follow. Gridding out a 15 acre grass patch, on the fourth run in, Wade’s buck was found under a cottonwood tree.

Every hunter knows that sick feeling in the pit of their stomach when it begins to look like they won’t get your deer back. Persistence paid off and despite not having a complete blood trail, Wade still ended up with his Iowa buck.

As told to Tim Kjellesvik.