October 6: Daryl Burttschell

When you’ve waited four years to draw an Iowa archery tag and Mark calls to say the conditions are right, you do exactly what Daryl did: drop everything and drive on up.


Daryl has hunted whitetails in Texas for over 40 years, but had never killed an Iowa buck. Mark had been watching a mature deer in the mid 160s and the weather to be sure conditions would be right. Friday, October 7 would be the day. A cool front coming in, a rising barometer and a northerly breeze meant the big boys would be on their feet.

Daryl was in a Muddy blind that afternoon with his PSE DNA overlooking a cut corn field. Seven bucks worked their way into the field, including this guy. When Daryl first saw him, he was at 125 yards and closing. In preparation for this hunt, Mark had suggested Daryl practice consistently at 60-70 yards to ensure he was lethal out to 40. 

The buck ambled in as close as 23 yards, but a branch obscured part of Daryl’s shooting lane. Knowing how precious his Iowa tag was, he chose to wait for a better shot. The buck began heading away from the blind but stopped at 37 yards quartering away. That was all the opportunity Daryl needed run a Rage through the deer’s left lung and into its heart.

After a frantic 125 yard dash, Daryl’s first Iowa buck was down. 

Daryl cites Mark’s careful weather observations as the primary reason he had success on this hunt. Before Daryl booked a flight to come up, Mark suggested he drive, allowing better flexibility to plan the trip around the weather…which they did. Daryl was initially supposed to arrive earlier in the week. He may not have had the same results if he hadn’t altered his schedule to coincide with the cool front.

We’re glad it all came together for our buddy from the Lone Star state. Congratulations to Daryl on a great Midwestern buck!



As told to Tim Kjellesvik.